Start the New Year with Personalized Business Fake Money

Fake money and novelty money has got to be one of the coolest gifts that you can give someone. It really is a great gift, because novelty cash is so unique and interesting in its own way. There are no other gifts quite like it.

Personalized gifts these days are so hard to come by with so many people just opting to buying each other gift cards and flowers and chocolates and teddy bears and chi chi trinkets and whatnot. But kicking off the New Year with really personalized gifts like fake money for all your co-workers and friends is a great alternative to the mundane.

At, we specialize in offering a wide variety of styles of novelty money that you can pick from in the form of personalized gifts for your co-workers and friends. We have a huge array of themed, novelty, sentimental, satirical, collectible, and hobbyist currency that leaves something for everyone in our dozens of styles and hundreds of individual bills.

The best way to kick off the New Year in the business environment is to get everyone excited about working hard and achieving new goals and new ambitions for 2018. More specifically, this is a great time to financially motivate everyone in the workplace to hit the ground running this January and make business goals and targets for each employee. Fake money has a certain flair to it and a certain satire to it as well, and it sets the stage for motivation for a new year of production and financial attainment when these bad boys are thrown around the workplace.

Styles of Bills

If you want to inspire your business or your co-workers, “The Traditional One Million Dollar Bill” is a sure-fire way to succeed. These can be purchased in any quantity for just one dollar a piece. The One Million Dollar Bill is the traditional, novelty piece and it has been around for decades.

The One Million Dollar Bill is what we built our business off of here at, but since then we have added literally hundreds of varieties of bills to choose from. Some of our categories include styles like:

We have bills that are fundraiser-oriented which is also great for businesses. We have bills that raise awareness and support for campaigns and non-profit organizations. We also have bills that are political, that are humorous, that are themed, that portray movies, cars, holidays, etc. We even have New Years bills too!

Fake Million

As we kick off the New Year, let us try to get past the craziness of 2017 and hope 2018 will be better. From a business standpoint, the economy is on the upswing, and spending a little dough (not much though considering our low prices!) to get people excited for the New Year in the business field is well worth the investment.

If you want to do something special for your business to kick the year off right, reach out to us here at Fake Million. If you have a design or a style that you want to customize onto a Fake Million bill to give out to your co-workers or employees, give us a shout out over email or right here on our site. We have designers who can work on personalized projects for you so you can order several custom bills for your business. Now is a great time to start out on a new leaf with new motivation for your company as the New Year sets off. Let Fake Million help your company get excited about the New Year of 2018!

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