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Why Using Novelty Money for Marketing Campaigns Could Be Your New Trick for Attracting Clients

With the world in a digital age and marketing trends come and go faster than you can print a new
advertisement, sometimes it’s the oldie but goodie measure that you have to take to stand out. Novelty
money has been around and a well-known gimmick for decades and when you need to be the splash of
color in a black and white surrounding, this just might be your golden ticket for attracting new clients!

Why Novelty Money Works in Marketing

It may be an odd pairing, however, when you think back to the 1950’s and the central hub for
infomercials, radio sales pitches, and a new brand of marketing that had never been available before
then, it would make sense to return to a tried and tested classic. Novelty money is now simply used for
board games and even those are becoming relics on the shelf thanks to online gaming platforms.

One thing that hasn’t changed and stood the test of time is unique forms of marketing that no one else
is utilizing. Therefore, sometimes all a client wants is an interesting and diverse marketing campaign and
what could be better than coining novelty money to make it happen!

Here are a few tidbits on why this would work in the here and now:

  • Novelty money still pulls at the heartstrings of the older generations and transports them back
    to childhood. Many CEOs and corporate heads were born in the times of novelty money being a
    collector’s item and in many popular games of their generation. Using this for marketing could
    synch the deal where nothing else would!
  • Novelty money can be customized. Here at Fake Million, there are plenty of templates and
    customization options available and excellent rates that will make large scale campaigns a
    breeze to put together. Adding your logo and motto to fake money and sending it off in a letter
    or email newsletter will add creativity that would seem uncommon in this day and age of digital
    marketing templates!
  • Marketing is all about being seen. When so many thousands of companies are trying to find the
    same clientele as your business, you have to do everything you can to be original. Nothing is
    more original than using novelty money to forward your marketing campaigns and drive in new

What could be better than having an original and uncommon form of marketing that truly helps your
company stand out in a crowd with novelty money? Fake Million is the number one option for your
custom marketing goals!

Fake Million Has it in the Bag

It can often be difficult to be inspired and come up with an idea that is unlike any other’s being
promoted right now. That’s why Fake Million and the novelty money offered here is your best solution.
Choose from assorted collection’s and genres, or message us for a truly one of a kind customization of
your business onto fake money!

Here are the collection’s available on our website:

Look no further for your unique marketing solutions and bring a smile to your clients’ faces with
novelty money from Fake Million. An excellent gag gift with over 10 million sold! Think outside the
box and let Fake Million help you reach thousands more to boom your business and stand out
amongst all your competitors!

Shop Fake Million today and enjoy a classic representation of classic puns that will surely spark
interest for the receivers!

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