Trading BitCoin Make a Unique Gesture with Custom Novelty Money

Trading BitCoin? Make a Unique Gesture with Custom Novelty Money

We’ve all heard the craze and the excitement over the Bitcoin frenzy.  One would have to have been living
under a rock not to have heard about this “next big thing in money.”  Bitcoin has taken off in the last ten
years, as have all cryptocurrencies.  This is an entirely new method of doing business, of completing our
transactions.  It’s an entirely new method of currency.

Bitcoin was just the first cryptocurrency, and now there are dozens, possibly even hundreds of different
cryptocurrencies.  For those of you behind on the trend of crypto, Google’s dictionary defines Bitcoin as:

  • “A type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units
    of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. An example
    sentence would be: ‘Bitcoin has become a hot commodity among speculators.'”

It’s hard to say what is going to happen with Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Most who are in any
way involved in crypto believe that, for better or for worse, cryptocurrency is here to stay. Not everyone
agrees on where the value of crypto will go in the next few years, but even those who are “against” the
crypto craze agree that Crypto is here to stay and it might even be the future of currencies.

Novelty Money is Just as Cool if not Cooler Than Bitcoin

If Bitcoin is cool, then novelty money and fake money is even cooler. What’s cooler than walking around
with a fat wad of fake, million dollar bills in one’s pocket? What better way to feel like a millionaire high-
roller than to be flush with fake million dollar bills, other than actually becoming a millionaire high-roller?
And until you do become a millionaire high-roller, why not walk around with a fat stack in your pockets to
remind you of your commitment to the real million dollar mark?

Fake money can do wonders for people. It actually can. For one thing, it kind of reduces the seriousness
and somberness associated with real money.  When one has a lot of fake money sitting around, it reduces
their inhibitions on money and on thinking that money is this in-achievable thing. When people carry
around fake money, they often feel happier and are more willing to go out there and make that real paper.

Fake Money Makes a Great Gift

Fake money also makes a great gift. Bitcoin makes a great gift also, but not like fake money does.  With
fake money, you can customize the gift by specially ordering exact printings of fake money that align
exactly with your perceived recipient’s styles and interests. You can’t do that with Bitcoin!

With novelty money, you can get bills that will reflect your recipient’s interests. Got a dog lover for a
spouse?  Get them a few of our dog-themed novelty bills!  Do you have a horror movie fan for a sibling?
Get them any of our classic horror film bills!  Have a friend who loves history?  Get them some history bills
that show a unique period in history!  Got a friend who decorates for each holiday?  Get them some holiday
bills to decorate their house in high-dollar splendor!

Just some of our great styles and ideas for novelty money include:

Our million dollar bills make great gifts, party favors, and decorations. You can mix and match your order,
get a few for the guys and gals at the office, select a few for friends and family, and pick out a few for
yourself. Place your order today!

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