Promote Sales Games at Work with Fake Money

Promote Sales Games at Work with Fake Money

The sales department at any business is one of the most exciting places in the company. It can be one
of the most stressful departments too. Morale is the make or break point of any sales team. When
morale is up in a sales office, life is good, deals are closed, and everyone is happy because everyone
gets paid. When morale is down, people don’t close deals, the business does not make money, and
people are definitely not happy.

Contests have long been a go-to tactic for boosting morale and for inspiring people to make great sales.
When sales contests work, they work well. The “spirit of play” and the “game” aspect of it allows for
people to feel very motivated and driven, and it gets a team excited about doing well and working
together as a group. In your office’s next sales game, what better way to motivate the sales team than
to promote such a game with fake money?

Sales Revolve Around Money

Money is the key word here. Money is the entire purpose of sales. Sometimes, salesmen and
saleswomen can get a little stuck on the subject of money, and they might need the therapeutic process
of having money around them to clear their thought process up and to get back on their game.
However, you can’t exactly just start throwing real money around at the office, or leaving real money
around the office. It has a funny way of disappearing if you do that. But if you want to make a lasting
impact on the sales office, you want the money to hang around and be visible. This is why you need to
use fake money.

Sales reps know they are going to make money if they close deals. Giving fake money out as a part of
this month’s sales game is a way to remind sales reps of the commissions they will get if they close
those deals. Leaving fake money around the office sets a mood for the sales team and makes everyone
feel good. Plus, nothing does wonders for a sales rep’s mindset and courage in a transaction than being
surrounded by million dollar bills.

How to Utilize Fake Money to Boost Sales

Fake money can also be used integrally in a sales game, not just as an office decoration or desk
accessory. You can buy certain denominations or styles of fake money and assign a significance to that
bill. You can let your sales team know which bills mean what. As sales targets are achieved, you can
give certain bills to your reps who achieve those targets, which will indicate that they get a certain
bonus at the end of the month. This serves as extra motivation and a real-life reminder of what they’ll
get in real money if they keep working hard and selling.

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