Spring Break Is Here Promote Business At The Beach With Fake Money Flyers

Spring Break Is Here: Promote Business At The Beach With Fake Money Flyers

Spring has sprung, March Madness is upon us, and those of us who own businesses are about to jump
into the second quarter of 2018. Want a way to promote your business out on the beach this year? Use
Fake Million fake money! This may be the coolest, most unique, most authentic marketing idea
thought of yet, and yes we are very proud that this was our idea.

Everyone likes getting money, and money talks, louder than most. We thought it would be a really cool
idea to offer our low cost, wholesale, novelty money this Spring Break as a marketing tactic for other
businesses. The idea here is to order a wholesale amount of fake bills from Fake Million. They are
only a buck apiece, so this will probably be the cheapest marketing tool you will ever use.

  • Once your order comes in (and yes we ship fast) write your business name on both sides of each
    bill, or paperclip or staple a flyer for your business to the fake bill. The fake bill is the shock
    value and the “surprise” to the potential customer, and the flyer or inked-in business contact
    info is the follow up to that surprise.
  • Next, send one or two employees out onto the beach or heavy foot traffic area in your city.
    Have your employees hand out our fake bills with your business information on them to
    passers-by and recreators. The locals and out-of-towners alike will be so thrilled and taken
    aback by the fact that you’re giving them free, fake money that they won’t be perturbed by the
    fact that your employees are handing them stuff and promoting to them.
  • Keep handing out fake money and flyers and contact info for your business and use the cool,
    original tactic with the fake bills as a conversation starter between your employees and the locals
  • Next, watch the business line up for you as locals and out-of-towners alike see your business as
    being the “cool guys” in your market or industry.

We Have a Huge Variety of Novelty Money

At Fake Million, we have a huge variety of fake money and novelty money that you can pick from. It’s
even likely that you will find something that is a perfect correlation to your business, just because we
have so many different bills and different types of moneys. For just a glimpse at some of our styles of
fake bills, check out the list below:

We can also put in requests to our suppliers for something special if you have something in particular in
mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know what you need!

What We’re All About with Our Cool, High-Quality, Fake Money

At Fake Million, our mission statement direct from our CEO is:

  • “Our purpose is to sell novelty money, and to get these laughable bills into the hands of the
    many Americans who want them. The One Million Dollar Bill has been a treasure and a joy for
    years, and our desire as a business is to be a cut above the rest and to deliver great customer
    service and a far more personal buying experience to you, the consumer.”

We know you’ll be satisfied with our products, whether you are ordering the Traditional One Million
Dollar Bill or whether you are picking out some of the specialty bills. No matter your needs and
interests or what you will want to use the novelty bills for, we are certain that our site will have
something for you! Shop with confidence too, as we stand by our one-hundred percent satisfaction
guarantee. This will be the best novelty money you’ve ever seen! For fake money this spring break, be
sure to go with Fake Million novelty money.

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