Novelty Money: A Unique Way to Raise Awareness for Your Fundraising Events

Novelty money, fake money, fake million dollar bills, most people just view these joyous little tidbits as gift ideas, novelties, or fun decorations.  The truth is, they are those things.  True, novelty money and fake money make great gifts, they are awesome for themed events, and they are excellent for party favors, decorations, or just to have as a keepsake or trinket of some kind.  However, novelty money and fake money can be used and utilized for more than that.  In a lot of ways, novelty money can be used for a really good cause and a great purpose.

Novelty money can be used in a fundraiser and it serves a great purpose in this very endeavor. It can be used in any event of any kind really, but novelty money is especially great when it is used in a fundraiser, and here’s why.

The Power of Novelty Money in a Fundraising Event

Consider this.  A fundraiser is often a tough and tricky event.  It is often something that creates some intensity for those in attendance because people are basically being asked to give over their hard earned cash to fund a cause, program, plan, organization, group, event, endeavor, or something of that kind.  Things can get a little tense during a fundraiser, and emotions can sometimes run high.

Well, novelty money is a fantastic way to take the intensity down a notch and just get everyone to chill out and relax.  Novelty money is actually a fantastic way to smooth things over, and to get people to take it easy.  Novelty money can sort of make a game of it, and can make the whole thing a little less serious and maybe even a little less tense.

How so?  Novelty money is fake money.  It is million dollar bills that look like currency, but are not.  Start throwing these around at a fundraiser, and people will suddenly begin to drop the pretense and the seriousness idea about money and their hesitation or resistance to donate their own, real money to the cause.  Laying out these fake, million dollar bills on the tables and chairs at the fundraiser makes for endless laughs and silly ideas and conversations, which just throws a whole new flair and level of happiness into the fundraiser.  Keeping things sort of casual, simple, relaxed, and not at all tense or weird is how to have a successful fundraiser, and novelty money is the answer for accomplishing just that.

Some Ideas for Novelty Money

Here are some quick ideas for novelty money that have been especially printed to be used for fundraisers.  If one has a fundraiser but can’t find novelty money that aligns with it, then using the regular, classic, fake million dollar bill in massive quantities is a great idea instead.

But here are some good ideas:

All in all, novelty money can be a great way to have a successful and happy fundraiser.  With novelty money, one will raise more real money for the cause, and everyone will be happier as a result.

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