Fake Money Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Do you have a family member or loved one who’s hard to shop for?  Probably.  Most all of us know someone who is just a pain to get presents for.  They just don’t give us much of anything to go off of and we struggle with trying to figure out what to get them when their birthday or Christmas comes around.  Thankfully, there is now a gift item that can put a grin on anyone’s face.

Consider novelty money and fake million dollar bills.  Fake million dollar currency is a great gift, gag gift, or “Hey I’m thinking of you,” gesture.  Novelty money is very affordable too, with each bill only costing a buck.  Furthermore, novelty money is printed in literally hundreds of different styles, so there is always something for everyone.  It’s easy to match someone’s tastes to a style of a fake bill and hit the spot with giving them something they will love because fake money comes in so many different variations.

With fake money, you can turn a boring office party into fun and silliness.  With fake money, you can put a humorous twist on a dinner party or holiday.  This is an affordable party favor and a great gift idea for that hard to shop for person.

Fake Million Dollar Bills are Great Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

One of the most popular types of fake money is the dog money.  That’s right, dozens of different fake million dollar bills with different breeds of dog printed on them.  Dog lovers love everything dog-related, and they tend to collect and hold onto things that have to do with their furry friends.  Enter in fake million dollar bills for their enjoyment and appreciation.  Just at this one site alone, there are over two dozen different breeds of dog printed on fake million dollars bills.

These are styles like:

The ever classy Pug dog fake million dollar bill.

The cool and impressive Black Labrador fake million dollar bill.

The Chiuahua lover’s fake million dollar bill.

The “Lassie come home” collie lovers fake million dollar bill.

The strong and willful German Shepherd fake million dollar bill.

When in doubt on what to get a family member, loved one, or friend as a gift, consider a fake million dollar bill.  Or consider getting them a few of these beauties.  They are not at all expensive and they come better in multiples!  A great gift idea to say the least, and something that is sure to generate a few laughs or at the very least a grin or two.  This is a sure way to bump you up in your social status, and it is a great way to get a gift for that one person who can be a real hardship to shop for.  Plus, these bills are a no brainer for any dog lover.

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