5 Best Novelty Money Themes Perfect for Poker Night

Can you really feel like an adult when you go to play poker if you have to play with fake money?  But can you really afford to play with real money?  Maybe you’re too broke to buy an expensive set of poker chips?  Consider buying novelty money for your next big poker game with your friends.  When you use novelty money for poker night, it suddenly becomes very affordable to feel like a real big shot with high dollar bills that you can play with.  Of course, they’re not real and yes they are most definitely fake, but you don’t need to think about that, and neither do your friends!  Let the poker games begin and have fun in the process!

The Five Best Themes for Poker Night

Below are just five ideas for your next poker evening with your buddies:

  1. Casino party money.  These bills go without saying.  They’re actually printed to look similar to real money and to have that special look to them that is close, but not too close, to looking like real bills.
  2. Dog styled fake bills.  Remember that one famous painting of the dogs playing poker?  You get the idea.  You can use these bills too for your next poker game, especially if you and your friends are dog lovers.
  3. The presidential bills are great for a poker game.  They give the players a chance to joke a bit about the presidents on the bills, and it takes the edge and the gruffness off the poker game and makes it more fun and laughable.
  4. Classic car fake money is always a top hit for a lot of different styles.  Using them to play poker with is one such hit.  Classic cars, in general, are a novelty in and of themselves, so why not play a little poker with bills that have your favorite classic cars on them?
  5. The authentic style bills look as close to looking like real bills as we can print them without getting into a lot of trouble with organizations that we most definitely do not want to get into trouble with.  These bills look like the real deal, but are clearly stated on them are not the real deal.  You can use these for your next poker night as a fun and silly alternative to poker chips.

Whichever choice you make, be sure you select something that you will like and that will be fun for you.  After all, that is the whole idea behind fake money, that you can get exactly what you want and whatever looks good to you!

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