Candy Store Nickel Bill


5 - 24 $0.02 flat
25 - 99 $0.50 flat
100 - 499 $0.80 flat
500 - 999 $0.85 flat
1000 - 2999 $0.90 flat
3000 - 4999 $0.91 flat
5000 - 9999 $0.92 flat
10000 + $0.93 flat
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Our Candy Store Nickel Bill is printed on the front and back.  It is the same size as real US currency.  The Candy Store Nickel Bill is beautifully designed.  Use these Candy Store Nickel Bills in schools, at parties, sell them at retail stores, sell them in online auctions or use them in promotions. Our Candy Store Nickel Bill make for a great favor, gift or collection item.  All of our novelty money, funny money and fake money is extremely popular and can be used in hundreds of unique and fun ways.  ALL OF OUR NOVELTY BILLS ARE 100% GUARANTEED TO BE THE BEST QUALITY.


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